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Date: 9th January 2019
Capacitor Insulation Filling Compound
Capacitor Insulation Filling CompoundFirefighting measuresSuitable extinguishing agent.Use dry powder, carbon dioxide or foam extinguishing agents. Sprays or mists can also be used. If the fire is small, you can use soil or sand.?Firefighters protectionFirefighters should wear full-body protective clothing and respirator.?Measures for accidental leakPersonal measures: The product does not have liquidity at room temperature. If it leaks at high temperatures, use protective gloves for collection.Environmental Measures: The product has a fluidity at high temperatures ,prevent the product from leaking into sewers, drains, and river courses.?Processing and preservationTreatment: Avoid heat, open flames and strong oxidants.Storage: Avoid contact with the body when the product is hot. When stored at room temperature in a dry, cool environment, well-ventilated place. Avoid strong sunlight, open flames and high temperatures. Avoid stacking high.?Exposure controls/personal protectionControl factors: Ventilation should be performed if there is a dust cloud of mineral oil.Personal protection (respiratory protection, hand protection, eye protection, skin and body protection): No special protection is required for use under normal conditions. Wear gloves if there is a possibility of repeated contact with the skin. Spills may occur at high temperatures, wearing goggles. If skin contact is possible, wear protective clothing, and change it when it is frequently replaced or contaminated.Hygiene measures: Wash hands with soap before eating, drinking, smoking, using cosmetics, and going to the toilet. Contaminated clothing should be cleaned before reuse.?Acute toxicity testLD50 Oral >2000g/kg.Inhalation: No dataIngestion: No dataSkin contact: No data. However, prolonged and repeated contact may cause defatting of the skin and trigger irritative reactions.Eye contact: No data. However, it may cause redness and transient pain.Sensitization: Studies have shown no signs of sensitization.?Ecological dataThere is no foreseeable damage to the environment.The mobility is low because it does not have liquidity.Sustainability/Degradability: Leakage to the environment will continue for a period of time before it is decomposed. The used product will not cause harm to organisms.Bioaccumulation: No data.?Waste disposalIt is generally believed that unused products may not be regarded as hazardous waste, and contaminated packaging should be regarded as hazardous waste and disposed of in accordance with local regulations. It is user?s responsibility to determine if the material meets the standards of the waste at the time of disposal and establish an appropriate disposal procedure.?Transport informationAccording to Chinese and international laws and regulations, this product is not used as dangerous goods in land, rail, sea and air transportation. (ADR, RID, IMDG, IATA-DGR)?Regulatory InformationAccording to the principle of classification of dangerous substances and products in China and Europe, it is not regarded as dangerous good. No legal sign is required.?Test ReportNews A new peak in the construction of cable in Latin AmericaLightwave reported that the Caribbean and Latin America recently announced the construction of a number of submarine cable systems, signaling that the demand for communications services in this region has reached a new peak.?The first to provide a point-to-point direct connection between Sao Paulo, Brazil, and New York, USA, the submarine cable system, Seabras-1, completed the final fiber cable fusion. It is expected that the submarine cable will be put into use in August this year. According to the construction of the Seaborn Network, the construction of the submarine cable lasted five years and the investment exceeded 520 million U.S. dollars. Microsoft, Tata Communications and TI Sparkle have signed up to become users of the submarine cable system. In addition to Seabras-1, Seaborn also owns and operates a submarine cable network from Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires, Argentina.?The dark blue cable connecting the Caribbean Islands to the United States chose TE SubCom as the contractor. The submarine cable has a total length of 12,000 kilometers and a designed transmission capacity of 6Tbps. It is expected to be put into use in the fourth quarter of 2019. The landing points for the deep blue cable include Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominica, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Florida, USA. The builder claimed that the deep blue cable has the advantages of high transmission capacity, low unit cost, low delay, and high reliability. Stephen Scott, CEO of Deep Blue Cables, stated that the submarine cable will play a key role in serving Caribbean countries. The region is experiencing rapid demand for advanced telecommunications services. TE also stated that there are no major fiber deployments in the Caribbean in recent years. The construction of the deep blue cable not only meets the current demand for bandwidth growth, but also meets the demand for future business growth.?The Infinera, an optical equipment company based on integrated photonics technology, announced that it will provide its DTN-X XTC series of products for Telxius, a provider of global telecommunications infrastructure under Spain Telecom. Telxius will use this platform to connect the SAM-1 cable from the United States, Brazil to Puerto Rico. Telxius manages 65,000 kilometers of fiber optic networks, of which the SAM-1 cable is 25,000 kilometers in length. The DTN-X XTC series platform not only supports OTN transmission and switching, but also has the advantages of easy operation and support for bandwidth allocation on demand. Telxius stated that Infinera's intelligent transport network platform provides its customers with highly personalized bandwidth provisioning capabilities.
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