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Date: 9th January 2019
Low Density Cable Filling Compound
Low Density Cable Filling Compound ? Application DL-500 low density cable filling comound? is? widely used in optical cable,Website:, high voltage, EHV XLPE cable, local communication cable,capacitor, etc. Feature Water blocking, low density, low acid value, corrosion resistance, excellent electric properties, and excellent oxidation resistance and resistance to fungal growth . Main Technical Parameters ? Parameter Typical value Test method Appearance White Visual inspection Density @ 20?C (g/ml) 0.50 ASTM D1475 Flash point (?C) > 200 ASTM D92 Cone penetration ?@ 25?C (dmm) @ -40?C (dmm) 370 ASTM D 217 >180 ASTM D 217 Viscosity ?@ ? 10 1/S 25?C (Pa.s) 90.0 CR Ramp 0-121/s Oil seperation @ 80?C / 24 hours (Wt %) 0 FTM 791(321) Volatility ?@ 80?C / 24 hours (Wt %) <1.0 FTM 791(321) OIT@ 190?C (min) >30 ASTM D3895 Acid value (mg KOH/g) <1.0 ASTMD974-85 Hydrogen evolution 80?C/24hours (?l/g) <0.1 POLYGEL Relative dielectric constant @ 50Hz, 23?C <2.3 GB 1409 Volume resistivity @ 20? (?.cm) 6.8x1014 GB 1410 Dielectric power factor ?1MHz? 4.4x10-4 GB 1409 ?Breakdown ? voltage ?KV? 59 BS 5874 Expansion coefficient ??-1? 8.3x10-4 Test with customers? Compatibility DL-500 low density cable filling comound? is well compatible with high polymer.But we recommend that the compatibility test should be made before high polymer materials are in contact with the compound. Manufacturability DL-500 low density cable filling comound? is designed for cold filling. Other 1.Payment :TT/LC 30% deposit ,70% balance should be paid before shipment. 2.Delivery date 20?GP : witnin 7 working days after receiving the deposit. 40?GP : within 10 working days after receiving the deposit. ? Test Report News U.S. Tower Builder Crown Castle Spends $7.1 Billion to Purchase Fiber Assets Crown Castle, an US mobile communications company, recently announced that it will invest $7.1 billion in cash to acquire Broadower, a broadband infrastructure provider, with the aim of increasing its fiber assets. The transaction will make Crown Castle among the first legions of U.S. urban fiber operators. Crown Castle is one of the largest wireless network infrastructure operators in the United States. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and other US telecommunications giants have leased the company's tower resources. Lightower has nearly 32,000 miles (approximately 51,499 kilometers) of fiber optic networks in the northeastern metropolises of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. After completing the transaction, the length of the optical fiber network owned by Crown Castle will be doubled to 60,000 miles. At the same time, the company will have metro optical fiber resources in 23 of the top 25 US markets. Crown Castle expects that in the first full fiscal year after completion of the acquisition, the rental income from Lightower will be between 850 million and 870 million U.S. dollars; the adjustable funds from operating and unaccounted financial costs will increase by 465 million to 485 million U.S. dollars per share; Cash will increase by 15 to 20 cents. In April this year, Crown Castle announced that it had acquired another fiber network operator, Wilcon, for $600 million to acquire the latter's more than 1,900 miles of fiber optic networks. In November last year, Crown Castle announced that it had purchased FiberNet, a large fiber network operator, for $1.5 billion. Obtaining the latter's 1,1500 miles of fiber optic networks in Florida and Texas; earlier in 2015, the company also acquired Sunesys with a 10,000-mile fiber network. In fact, this series of acquisitions is to support the growing demand for small base station connectivity.
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