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Date: 6th June 2018
Low Density Filling Compound For Cable
Low Density Filling Compound for Cable ? Application DL-500 low density filling compound for cable is? widely used in optical cable,Website:, high voltage, EHV XLPE cable, local communication cable,capacitor, etc. Feature Water blocking, low density, low acid value, corrosion resistance, excellent electric properties, and excellent oxidation resistance and resistance to fungal growth . Main Technical Parameters Parameter Typical value Test method Appearance White Visual inspection Density @ 20?C (g/ml) 0.50 ASTM D1475 Flash point (?C) > 200 ASTM D92 Cone penetration ?@ 25?C (dmm) @ -40?C (dmm) 370 ASTM D 217 >180 ASTM D 217 Viscosity ?@ ? 10 1/S 25?C (Pa.s) 90.0 CR Ramp 0-121/s Oil seperation @ 80?C / 24 hours (Wt %) 0 FTM 791(321) Volatility ?@ 80?C / 24 hours (Wt %) <1.0 FTM 791(321) OIT@ 190?C (min) >30 ASTM D3895 Acid value (mg KOH/g) <1.0 ASTMD974-85 Hydrogen evolution 80?C/24hours (?l/g) <0.1 POLYGEL Relative dielectric constant @ 50Hz, 23?C <2.3 GB 1409 Volume resistivity @ 20? (?.cm) 6.8x1014 GB 1410 Dielectric power factor ?1MHz? 4.4x10-4 GB 1409 ?Breakdown ? voltage ?KV? 59 BS 5874 Expansion coefficient ??-1? 8.3x10-4 Test with customers Compatibility DL-500 low density filling compound for cable is well compatible with high polymer materials.But we recommend that the compatibility test should be made before high polymer materials are in contact with the compound. Manufacturability DL-500 low density filling compound for cable is? designed for cold filling. Other 1.Payment :TT/LC 30% deposit ,70% balance should be paid before shipment. 2.Delivery date 20?GP : witnin 7 working days after receiving the deposit. 40?GP : within 10 working days after receiving the deposit. ? Test Report News Ali Cloud Growth more than Wall Street Expected: Latest Valuation of $67 Billion Recently, Alibaba's financial report showed that Alibaba Cloud revenue in the first quarter of this year was 4.385 billion yuan, an increase of 103% over the same period last year. In fiscal year 2018, revenue was 13.39 billion yuan. In the Chinese market, Alibaba Cloud?s market share is almost the sum of all its followers. In the international market, Alibaba Cloud ranks third behind Amazon and Microsoft. Due to its excellent performance in FY 2018, Morgan Stanley will raise its revenue forecast for Alibaba Cloud in 2024 to US$28.5 billion while maintaining Alibaba?s Buy rating with a target share price of US$230. Analysts believe that Alibaba Cloud continues to maintain triple-digit revenue growth. In the just-disclosed financial report, fiscal year revenue reached 13.39 billion yuan, which was significantly higher than expected. Morgan Stanley predicts that by 2024 (that is, the 2025 fiscal year), Alibaba Cloud?s revenue will reach US$28.583 billion, or approximately 180 billion yuan. Analogous to the Amazon AWS valuation ratio, analysts have given the current valuation of $67.094 billion, which is a significant increase from the $39 billion valuation given by Wall Street in 2016, reflecting the recognition of Alibaba's growth. According to Alibaba's earnings report, Alibaba Cloud has maintained a double-digit revenue in the past 12 quarters. In addition to the increase in scale, analysts are also concerned about the adjustment of customer structure and product structure. Morgan Stanley's report pointed out that Alibaba Cloud?s new financial report disclosed a total of 316 new products and features, of which more than 60 were focused on high value-added areas such as artificial intelligence and security. For example, during the MWC exhibition in February this year, Alibaba Cloud released eight cloud computing and artificial intelligence products such as supercomputing cluster, image search, smart customer service cloud Xiaomi, and Big Data PaaS product Dataphin. At the earnings conference call, Alibaba's management stated that the current top priority of the cloud computing business is still to expand its leading edge in the market. At the same time, Alibaba Cloud has also expanded its horizons to the globe and formed direct competition with Amazon and Microsoft. Not long ago, Alibaba Cloud had just opened its data center in Indonesia and entered the Turkish market. In addition, Alibaba Cloud has also reached cooperation with many industry leaders such as PetroChina, Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation and Cathay Pacific. Raymond James, another well-known investment bank in the United States, also believes that the current Alibaba Cloud computing business is growing rapidly and its profit margins are stable. Considering the strong growth of cloud computing business and its dominant position in the Chinese market, it will become the major profit source of Ali Group in the future.
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